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Life Experience Diploma Or Degree

Get an online Life Experience Degree for what you already know. the only qualification for a degree is knowledge. Many individuals are unable to continue their studies for many reasons, be it financial or personal, but they have practical knowledge or years of experience in a particular job or technical skill. Now, anyone can get a High School Diploma, Associates, Bachelors, MBA, PhD or Trade Skill Degree in just days for knowledge or special skills.

If you have a degree, you are almost assured to gain leverage in the work place, and respect from your peers. If you have always wanted a degree to hang on your wall, but haven't found the time or money to do so, then you have found the right place. All degrees granted are verifiable through Brixton University's Registrar's Office, so apply online today.

Does This Sound Like You?

You have more knowledge and experience yet your colleague gets promoted?

Many companies where you apply for a job don’t give you a call as you have the knowledge and experience, but you lack the basic degree or education they require? You continue to gain more knowledge, and skills, and are better qualified and you have no choice, and continue to struggle because you don’t have a promising future?

Here’s your way out…

It is now possible to earn a
life experience degree on the basis of work and life experience you already have and you can receive your degree in just a few short weeks!

Life Experience is any experience for what you already know. This can be relevant to your major and is separate from work experience and classroom education. Depending upon the particular circumstance, military training or special qualification experience also qualifies as either work or life experience.

Brixton University reviews your real life experience and will grant experience credits based on what you have learned outside of the classroom. Perhaps you’ve learned French from traveling abroad, had field-specific experiences in a business environment, or have designed websites for professional use. Instead of sitting through a class to learn what you’ve already mastered, requesting life experiences can save you time and money.

If you have a lot of knowledge and practical experience in your field but no diploma to show for it,
life experience credits will give you some of the recognition you deserve.


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